General Shop & Tool Safety

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  1. Safety glasses must be worn when operating equipment capable of producing small flying objects or debris.

    A. True

    B. False
  2. Tool safety includes:

    A. using the correct tool for the job

    B. inspecting tools before use

    C. forcing a small tool to do a big job

    D. A and B

  3. Other hazards involved with tool usage may include:

    A. elevated noise levels

    B. electrical shock

    C. airborne contaminants

    D. all of the above

  4. Machine guards may be removed to make the job easier:

    A. True

    B. False

  5. The most convenient method to safeguard an operator of electrical powered tools is accomplished by:
  6. A. bonding

    B. using a three wire extension cord

    C. grounding and using a GFCI plug

    D. double insulation

  7. If you get shocked while using an electrically powered tool, report it to your supervisor immediately:

    A. True

    B. False

  8. The proper use of an extension cord includes all of the following, EXCEPT...

    A. inspecting the cord before use

    B. preventing cords from lying on the floor

    C. removing the cord at the plug

    D. using an under-sized or under-rated cord

  9. Pneumatic tools are powered by:

    A. electricity

    B. hydraulics

    C. compressed air

    D. fuel

  10. Which of the following should be considered when using fuel-powered tools:

    A. ventilation

    B. storage of fuels

    C. obtaining a Hot Work Permit

    D. all of the above

  11. The main hazard associated with cutting tools is tool slippage:

    A. True

    B. False

  12. The three major categories of hand tools are:

    A. cutting tools

    B. torsion tools

    C. impact tools

    D. A, B, and C

  13. Torsion tools, such as wrenches, should always be pushed instead of pulled:

    A. True

    B. False

  14. The main hazard from using impact tools is damage to the...

    A. hands

    B. eyes

    C. arms

    D. all of the above

  15. A circular saw should be started and stopped outside of the material being cut:

    A. True

    B. False

  16. The uncontrolled grabbing and throwing of the work piece toward the front of the saw is called...

    A. backlash

    B. pinching

    C. kickback

    D. cross cut

  17. When operating a table saw, it is OK to reach across the saw blade to remove scraps of material being cut:

    A. True

    B. False

  18. When using a wheel or bench grinder, always...

    A. inspect the wheel for cracks, damage

    B. wear safety glasses

    C. use machine guards

    D. all of the above

  19. When operating a drill press, always check to make sure the chuck is secured before turning the power on:

    A. True

    B. False

  20. The arc, or light, from a welding machine can cause an eye injury known as...

    A. glaucoma

    B. conjunctivitis

    C. welder's flash

    D. nystagmus

  21. At TAMU, anyone using portable hand tools or powered tools needs to complete a basic safety training

    course before being allowed access to equipment:

    A. True

    B. False